Pinterest Has No Interest in Providing Customer Service

Pinterest Bad Service

I was thoroughly enjoying my Pinterest account and was adding pins on a daily basis when all of a sudden a halt was put in place and my account was suspended for no reason.  The message also instructed me to go back and read the Pinterest rules about pinning content.  I did read the rules and to my knowledge, I have not violated any rules.  If I did violate them, it was without knowing as the only pins I pinned were those supplied to me by Pinterest itself!  When I inquired about the reason for the suspension, I was never given an answer.  After repeated attempts, I tried to reach some sort of customer service department and pleaded my case, but again my pleas have been ignored.  I have sent letters to their headquarters to no avail.

The Cat and Mouse Game

However, lately, I notice when trying to log in, the message no longer says my account is suspended, but that they are saying my email has been taken and that they do not recognize my password.  Instead of Pinterest addressing the problem, they are simply playing a cat and mouse game with me asking me to rate their customer service.  Since I have been honest in my ratings of saying the customer service was “bad,” they no longer want my rating, have refused to rectify the problem, and continue to ignore my complaints.

Leave Well Enough Alone

Lately. Pinterest has been making a lot of changes in the appearance and design of the pins and they have changed how notifications are presented to users.  Many people including myself have voiced our opinions about the changes, did not like the changes, but again Pinterest ignored any such feedback which is usually considered to be valuable information to any company who wants to stay in business.

I Am Not the Only One

Upon looking up Pinterest complaints, I have found scores of individuals like myself experiencing the same problems, and some have gone as long as 1 to 2 years without Pinterest getting back to them.  In this case, their accounts were returned, but all of the boards on the accounts were empty and the unlucky person had to “start all over” building their accounts.

I Lost my Creative Flow

This behavior of Pinterest is totally unacceptable!  I rely on the pins not only to brainstorm ideas about crafts, but the pins provide stimulation to my everyday life.  It’s a shame Pinterest is hell-bent on destroying customer relations and turning a blind eye to problems they refuse to address whether they be copyright issues, types of materials pinned, etc.  No business has any business ignoring the business of their users!

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